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Jayco True Value of Ownership

With Jayco, you get more amenities, more livable, home-like features and superior construction for less maintenance and greater resale value. You won't find another RV packed with more TRUE VALUE.

2-Year Warranty

You want your RV to last a long time. And nobody backs their RVs better than we do. Our exclusive 2-year Co-Pilot Warranty is the best in the business. But it's more than just a number. Each and every Jayco undergoes rigorous quality control testing to make sure it holds up to that warranty.

So when you see the Jayco name, you can feel assured that you'll enjoy your purchase for years to come. Go ahead-compare the Jayco warranty. You won't find another manufacturer who stands behind their RVs like we do.

For a copy of the limited warranty with full terms and conditions, ask us when you stop in.

More Standard Features

Each and every Jayco is packed with more standard features than the competition. And these aren't any ordinary features. We've picked out things that we know will be valuable to you because they'll make your RV that much more liveable.

Take for instance the Jay Feather's independent rubberized suspension, the Eagle's vacuum-bonded lamination, the Pinnacle's floor-to-ceiling dinette windows and the Jayco Camping Trailers' patented and fully enclosed lifter system. From towability to superior construction, from the luxurious to the convenient, these simply aren't features that are easy to come by - unless you're in a Jayco

More Brand-Name Components

We like living up to the name we've built for ourselves. Jayco.

So it only makes sense that we like packing our RVs with brand-name components, made by companies that value their reputation as much as we do. And by packing our RVs full of quality appliances, we know we're giving you a more liveable, long-lasting product.

Less Maintenance

At Jayco, we've built a reputation for superior construction and craftsmanship. We always use top-quality materials and production techniques. And because of that, it means our RVs need less maintenance.

Take for instance the kitchen faucet. It's one of the highest warranted items in an RV because the competition opts to use plastic fittings that are prone to leaks. At Jayco, though, we use brass fittings because we want to make sure we get even the smallest details right. The result: a better RV that requires less maintenance.

Better Resale Value

A lot can be said about a product - whether it's a car, a home or an RV - based on its resale value.

In the last three years, Jayco owners have been banking on their investments. According to the NADA, Jayco's average resale value was 4.805% higher than the competition, giving Jayco the top average resale value in the RV industry.

That same data showed Jayco's camping trailers and travel trailers resold for 11.49% and 8.23% higher than all competition, respectively.